First studies by Data SIM will be delivered in 2018, in a partnership with JLeiva Cultura & Esportes, and sponsored by Natura Musical

The news were announced during award ceremony of the SIM Award, in the SIM São Paulo 2017. DATA SIM has arrived in order to fill a gap in the structure of the Brazilian music industry. The project will compile socioeconomic and demographic data about the music market, an it will provide a detailed picture of its dimensions, structure and relation to other creative industries.

Data SIM is a trailblazer. There is no research agency or institute aimed specifically at the music market in Brazil, attempting to understand its dynamics and outputs. Fabiana Batistela, director of SIM Sao Paulo and Inker Agencia Cultural, and Daniela Ribas, sociology doctor and director at Sonar Culture Consulting and Research and a member of the SIM Consulting Board, are at the helm of the project.

“One of the aims of the Brazilian music research hub is to reveal the large potential of the music industry to the public sector. A sector which gives more than it takes, and therefore should be supported. Every single study and map will benefit, most importantly, those in the music industry chain”, Fabiana clarifies.

The first research pieces have just been announced. One of them will assess the Social and Economic Impact of SIM Sao Paulo. From 2019 on, it will be used as a methodology blueprint in order to investigate the importance of music festivals for the market as a whole also for the individual regions of Brazil.

The second research piece will be more complex, being developed in four stages. By mid-2019, it will outline an overview of the Sao Paulo City Music Market. It aims to answer the following question: How much is music worth in the state capital of Sao Paulo? In order to achieve this, a map of the most important new biz agents and brokers will be created in the first stage, as well as a collection of live music market data (night clubs, concert halls, festivals, parties, collectives, etc). Next, the study will delve into the creative sector (artists, studios, music schools, etc) of the phonographic and the music instrument industries.

The studies are being conducted in a partnership with JLeiva Cultura & Esporte, the company in charge of the most important culture research studies in the country. They are sponsored by Natura Musical, with the support from TNT Energy Drink. The consultant Pena Schmidt adds the final touch to the team!

DATA SIM will also be supported by Sympla, the world’s largest ticket sales enterprise. Together they will analyze the direct, indirect and prompted economic impact and create a demographic consumer profile of the live music sector.


“We spent most of 2018 planning the DATA SIM actions. We needed to decide which numbers to compile, what to prioritize and which partnerships are required in order to conduct a high-quality study”, says Dani Ribas

The output will enable a thorough analysis of the music ecosystem of the city of Sao Paulo, as well as the identification of growth areas. It will provide the backbone for the production of strategies that will encourage social and economic growth for the music sector and also for the Southeastern region of Brazil.

The Sao Paulo model will be used for any other Brazilian city in the future, establishing music as one of the country’s most important assets. In addition to constructing an identity and transforming society, music also promotes economic development by generating new business, new jobs, more tourists and more export goods.

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