DATA SIM releases study presented by Sympla during SIM 2018

“DATA SIM, The Brazilian Festival Map, by Sympla” was one of the most debated and sought-after panels at SIM 2018. Panelists included Karla Megda (Sympla), Gustavo Sa (Festival Porão do Rock, “Basement Rock Festival”, from the Federal District), Jomardo Jonas (MADA Festival, Rio Grande do Norte), Fabricio Nobre (Bananada Festival, Goias), Jameson de Lima (Coquetel Molotov Festival, Pernambuco) and Ana Morena Tavares (Festival do SOL, Rio Grande do Norte).

Pena Schmidt mediated the debate, and he summed up the importance of festivals for the industry nowadays: “Festivals are the biggest showcase for artists, both nascent and established. It’s virtually mandatory to attend such events as well as night gigs in order to have a successful career.”

Sympla compiled a study based on some research about the festivals produced in Brazil. It presented many characteristics of such events, such as distribution throughout the calendar year, the breakdown by region, the most prominent music genres, the average ticket price and audience growth figures.


The concept of the blueprint festival for the study has created in a partnership with DATA SIM: Music Festival, where music is the most important content, which has a line-up, and hiring of many bands, DJs and musicians, and identified as a music festival.

The database was sorted in line with with this definition and with using the data provided by Sympla. Festivals that did not meet these criteria were excluded.

Festivals that sell tickets via other promotion platforms for ticketing and events were also mapped, in order to achieve a broader reach and and to improve the reliability of the results.



This method researched 1,928 festival in Brazil, and we estimate that this number corresponds to 50-60% of the total number of music festivals in Brazil. We estimate that this number corresponds to 50-60% of the total number of music festivals (many of them don’t sell tickets online, which is the research source). The results refer to information obtained from 1,792 festivals, where producers provided complete information to the platforms.

The Southeast region is home to the biggest number of festivals analysed, and there is a large concentration of events in the second semester (particularly in the month of November). Most are paid events showcasing various music genres.

“The concentration of festivals at the end of the year might reflect the budget cycle aligned with fiscal requirements, which defines the period for funding and project implementation. DATA SIM will soon launch a research study measuring the economic impact of festivals. Not just in order to find out the return on investment, but also in order to evaluate how much they generate in work demand for the various agents in the music production chain throughout the calendar year. They are an essential link in such chain”, says Dani Ribas, director at DATA SIM.  

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