Access the report on the impacts of coronavirus on the brazilian music market

The results of DATA SIM research on the impacts of Covid-19 on the Brazilian music market, performed through a survey between March 17th and 23rd, are available in a report for free download.

The data show an overview of the sector from 536 companies of various areas like festival producers, booking agencies, music venues, besides suppliers and partners, that goes from equipment renting to transport and accommodation logistics, involving thousands of professionals in their operations.

“These numbers help to think about concrete solutions for the sector, composed of many interests, the majority without a representation or class association. It’s time we think collectively in order to identify these common interests and organize ourselves, in an organic way. There is no space to think that only one initiative will lead this process in its entirety. It’s time we enjoy the initiatives that emerged automatically in many parts of the country to rethink all the political organization of the sector”, suggests Dani Ribas, DATA SIM Research Director.

“Making research simultaneously with the first impacts of the crisis is hard work. However, the urgency in collecting this primary data is necessary because of the millions of people that are helpless at this moment. In this sense the results of the research can help broaden the dialogue and propositions of public power and private initiatives”, Renata Gomes comments, Researcher and Data Analyst for DATA SIM.

The study also presents a diagnose of the main challenges the music industry needs to face in order to deal with the crisis that is taking up on all the productive chain of the sector, but it also opens up possibilities for the structures and market relations can be overhauled collectively in new paths. “It will need to start over, reinvent the live music”, affirms Pena Schmidt, the project’s Special Advisor.

Click here and download for free the complete report of the DATA SIM 2020 research: Impacts for Covid-19 on the Brazilian music market.

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